Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!


These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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  • Emo Kitten
    Emo Kitten14 minuten geleden

    Read the whole thing any member of Ruby is obviously going to fight a weaker opponent so that they come out on top me saying that does not change the fact that was a very nicely animated but still please not have death battles with biased don't pump your own characters this is supposed to be what if not look how strong are character is let's not even get into the BS of her killing her with her own weapon like WTF but still gorgeous fight very nicely animated

  • Joker Man
    Joker Man2 uur geleden

    We gotta remember although Ackerman are super strong they still are human and there only power is superhuman strength and many more powers but Blake has more powers to aid her in combat

  • Jakub Zeman
    Jakub Zeman4 uur geleden

    Even though Mikasa seemed OP as hell, Blake just went too far with that, to the point of being boringly OP. But then again, different universe.

  • zenn o
    zenn o4 uur geleden

    Imagine being an anime only watcher and reading Mikasa's last feat currently. Yeah im sad.

  • Joshua Falownug
    Joshua Falownug4 uur geleden


  • I am lagon
    I am lagon4 uur geleden

    Tanjiro or blade?

  • idw crystal god
    idw crystal god5 uur geleden

    Finally death battle did po vs iron fist

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt7 uur geleden

    Yeah, even if you ignored the fact Death Battle is owned by Rooster Teeth, who created and own RWBY, Blake had this one.

  • Fireshrine
    Fireshrine7 uur geleden

    This was a really, really stupid set-up for a fight, and the animation was pretty lame to boot imo, sorry to the animator. (Def a lot of work put in, but getting 3D anim to look good is really hard, what can ya say.) Easy dislike, lame vid

  • Miguel0 Alvarado
    Miguel0 Alvarado7 uur geleden

    Can y’all do berrus vs Superman

  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Matthew Gonzalez8 uur geleden

    Fans voting was stupid on this one. There was 0% chance Mikasa could win.

  • mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    5 uur geleden

    ok now let eren fight someone

  • Jukebox Jimmy
    Jukebox Jimmy8 uur geleden

    Omce again rooster teeth showing bias towards thier own characters...

  • Ryan Hobbs
    Ryan Hobbs9 uur geleden

    So why make them fight this was clearly not fair

  • Snow Frost blu
    Snow Frost blu9 uur geleden

    Beyblade mikasa

    KING DRAGONER9 uur geleden

    10:04 This entire portion is completely false and was later straight up abandoned for how dumb the idea was. Zeke a very trustable character in statements directly dismissed this.

  • VBone's Gaming
    VBone's Gaming9 uur geleden

    The fight outcome was obvious from just reading the title of the video... Wishing for more fights where the combatants have a similar power level

  • Kira Tsukasa
    Kira Tsukasa9 uur geleden

    At the beginning, they misspelled Belladonna.

  • Onion Fragments
    Onion Fragments10 uur geleden

    The reason Blake reacts so calmly after getting her arm chopped off is because she is incapable of emoting in her own show

  • Next Generation Nerds
    Next Generation Nerds10 uur geleden

    Really cool vid, but here are some thoughts from a nobody on the internet. 1. Yall acting like mikasa doesn't have superhuman strength... she does, so its one of those strength vs speed scenarios. 2. Tbh, mikasa's swords would probably break or severely dull on aura. 3. "Mikasa's ancestors basically only had experience against titans"... no. Paradise has been around for like 100 years and before that, they were bodyguards. This means that they probably have excessive experience against assassin type opponents. This experience also belongs to mikasa. 4. While at peak Blake is op as all hell, she gets tagged constantly. Because her power is inconsistent across rwby, its impossible to determine a true victor. 5. Its a video with a cool animation stop complaining. Yall have a nice day!

  • Elix Guevara
    Elix Guevara10 uur geleden


  • Elix Guevara
    Elix Guevara10 uur geleden


  • 2%
    2%10 uur geleden

    That Rooster has teeth

  • JCthegoatbro Yeet
    JCthegoatbro Yeet10 uur geleden

    So apparently mikasa had the chance to cut off her arm instead of cutting off her head

  • Zero Kiryu
    Zero Kiryu10 uur geleden

    All I get from this is Blake sucks with a pistol at point blank range.

  • Robbie Jenks
    Robbie Jenks10 uur geleden

    Omni-Man vs Homelander

  • Kayden 21
    Kayden 2111 uur geleden

    ok now let eren fight someone

  • Opg John
    Opg John11 uur geleden

    Just your contractually obligated roosterteeth original series promotional death battle coming through.

  • DefinitelyHumanGamer1218
    DefinitelyHumanGamer121811 uur geleden

    I guess now Blake and Yang can be disarmed together.

  • The Sage of Games
    The Sage of Games11 uur geleden

    Geras (MK 11) vs Darth Scion (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2) The battle of those who get stronger when killed and who also cannot die.

  • iimpure faiith
    iimpure faiith11 uur geleden

    Who even thought of this? Can we do something that isn't so one sided next time?

  • Chansen Vang
    Chansen Vang11 uur geleden

    Next death battle after po vs iron fist can you do fei long vs marshall law on dbx or death btw its tekken vs street fighter

  • toilet man
    toilet man12 uur geleden

    10 years first time I watched them damn....

  • ace the anarchist
    ace the anarchist12 uur geleden

    and thats why attack on titan is trash hahaha

  • Daniel Prieto
    Daniel Prieto12 uur geleden

    I haven't watched it yet but it looks like this is gonna be a cat fight lol

  • Isaac Bryce
    Isaac Bryce12 uur geleden

    Really do have to go to Death Battle for good RWBY choreography nowadays, huh?

  • Joey Rizzle
    Joey Rizzle12 uur geleden

    The song is so good

  • derpman 203
    derpman 20313 uur geleden

    Nope I refuse to believe this

  • Marc B. Cabug
    Marc B. Cabug13 uur geleden

    Lol the blood was like in Dangropa anime lololol

  • Alice Sinn
    Alice Sinn14 uur geleden

    Another broken match up with a predictable ending.

  • Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix Rising14 uur geleden

    I knew nothing about that one show and just started watching the other on Hulu literally two weeks ago. Instantly fell for the intensity of the show, but as they were reading off the feats of the one I knew my girl was going to lose. (Tried to say this without being spoilerly of the results).

  • Tristan Gerona
    Tristan Gerona14 uur geleden

    the animation is good

  • Real Gamer
    Real Gamer14 uur geleden

    Blake throw the thunderspear to mikasa heart and explode and blake did not care to her arm but anyways blake WINS

  • dragonfan1990
    dragonfan199015 uur geleden

    Captain Cold VS Mr. Freeze.

  • You_can't_stop_the_love!
    You_can't_stop_the_love!15 uur geleden

    Random question. Have you guys ever just stopped to appreciate the fact that your series has become so popular, that other people have created entire series just to argue against you?

  • Tyson Warner
    Tyson Warner15 uur geleden

    I hope Po wins because that’s a whole child hood washed away

  • Ryan Edgerton
    Ryan Edgerton15 uur geleden

    Recommended fight: Aku (Samurai Jack) vs Xellos (Slayers).

  • Maverickpwnage
    Maverickpwnage15 uur geleden

    Well thats what happens when you put a regular human vs a superhuman like what were death battle expecting?

  • Augie Tremmel
    Augie Tremmel15 uur geleden

    How's about Galactus vs. Unicron?

  • Tola Agun
    Tola Agun15 uur geleden

    i call bs.

    MAX GALAXYKID16 uur geleden

    Wow. I knew she would win!

  • q̵͑͜w̴̢̅e̵͖͐ŕ̵͙t̴̪̎y̶̻̋u̷͍͠ï̷̤o̷̲͐p̴͈̀a̴̘͛s̸̨͑d̷͠ͅf̴̩͑g̵̫͑h̵̳̓j̵̠̈́k̴͖̔l̶̰̆z̶̘̀ẍ̵͓c̸̩̿v̵͙͝ḇ̵̀ṇ̵̕m̷͍̅1̴̠̒2̸̮̀3̵̹̍4̷̘̆5̵̰̌6̶͑ͅ7̴͔͛8̵͕̐9̶͉̈́0̴͇͋q̶̱̊w̴̻̌e̵̫̊r̷̝͠t̴͙̀y̷̧̐ũ̵̠ị̷̆o̸̺̎p̴̱̀å̴̬ṡ̵̱ḋ̶͙f̶͓̾
    q̵͑͜w̴̢̅e̵͖͐ŕ̵͙t̴̪̎y̶̻̋u̷͍͠ï̷̤o̷̲͐p̴͈̀a̴̘͛s̸̨͑d̷͠ͅf̴̩͑g̵̫͑h̵̳̓j̵̠̈́k̴͖̔l̶̰̆z̶̘̀ẍ̵͓c̸̩̿v̵͙͝ḇ̵̀ṇ̵̕m̷͍̅1̴̠̒2̸̮̀3̵̹̍4̷̘̆5̵̰̌6̶͑ͅ7̴͔͛8̵͕̐9̶͉̈́0̴͇͋q̶̱̊w̴̻̌e̵̫̊r̷̝͠t̴͙̀y̷̧̐ũ̵̠ị̷̆o̸̺̎p̴̱̀å̴̬ṡ̵̱ḋ̶͙f̶͓̾16 uur geleden

    The first time I was not rooting for mikasa. I knew blake was going to win its just obvious. Idk why the comments are pretending like she wouldn't really

  • DraikRoan
    DraikRoan16 uur geleden

    Boomstick without armpit hair seems like a crime.

    DASHKIN16 uur geleden

    Okay but where's ruby vs Maka and soul?

  • WaterDragon770
    WaterDragon77016 uur geleden

    Another superpower being against a non superpower being who gonna win well obviously the person with superpowers.

  • Naruto the 7th hokage
    Naruto the 7th hokage16 uur geleden

    Reverse flash vs kabal

  • The Nikomancer
    The Nikomancer17 uur geleden

    Blake: should have... gone... for the head Mikasa: Nani?

  • Josiah Breeden
    Josiah Breeden17 uur geleden

    "I was just doing my job..."

  • Scott Lucas
    Scott Lucas17 uur geleden

    Im team Blake all day every day 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Uriah Jones
    Uriah Jones17 uur geleden

    Ben10 vs Kirby XD

  • Derek Schaller
    Derek Schaller17 uur geleden

    Do Luke Wilson vs Owen Wilson

  • The Raven
    The Raven17 uur geleden

    Damn I am even more interested with death battle with how much is used to almost every little aspect of a character,still I loved the fight anyways and I would say I’m invested with death battle even more

  • Halex Gaming
    Halex Gaming18 uur geleden

    this has to be one of the most one sided fights you've ever tried. kind of a joke really

  • Logan Fulbright
    Logan Fulbright18 uur geleden


  • Фарит Ахметов
    Фарит Ахметов18 uur geleden

    я нихуя не понял, я просто ненавижу атаку титанов

  • Nick Barron
    Nick Barron18 uur geleden

    Yujiro Hanma Vs Akuma

  • Rise2Resist
    Rise2Resist18 uur geleden

    Fights like this are equivalent to having Kraven the Hunter versus Bugs Bunny. Same thing with the next matchup of Kung Fu Panda vs Iron Fist.

  • Jonathan Juarez

    Jonathan Juarez

    Uur geleden

    Funny thing is bugs would murderstomp kraven due to toonforce making it impossible for kraven to even hurt him.

  • SirKillalot98


    17 uur geleden

    Bugs would definitely stomp Kraven hard

  • FlyingJackelope
    FlyingJackelope18 uur geleden

    AoT Spoiler warning It's weird to include the Ackerman tidbit about being engineered to protect Eren when we are told that that's not the case. Especially with Mikasa. Eren, being the dense MC that he is, asked about it and was pretty much told, "Bruh, she has a thing for you." Eren wanted to anger Armin and Mikasa. Wanted them to doubt. I won't get into why, but he was lying to them

  • LucianCanad
    LucianCanad18 uur geleden

    9:22 - "Dealt the final blow to Eren" Hol' up. Was that a spoiler from the manga? If so, not cool.

  • M. Muradbasic
    M. Muradbasic19 uur geleden

    Let me get this straight, the fighter who can use magic, has superpowers and actual super weapons vs a girl that is simply just strong and fast with simple swords won? Who would’ve thought...

  • David Kim
    David Kim19 uur geleden

    How are the animations getting worse

  • Red Hatman
    Red Hatman19 uur geleden

    If one of those was a manga spoiler for AOT final season part 2 before it comes out I will be actually disappointed in you guys

  • Karl Benito
    Karl Benito19 uur geleden

    I’m pretty sure a fairer fight would’ve been sekiro vs blake

  • mikkel peuss
    mikkel peuss19 uur geleden

    The Lone Ranger Vs Jonah Hex

  • Raymond Figueroa
    Raymond Figueroa19 uur geleden

    I would love to see Cat Noir vs. Black Panther. I figure Black Panther would win but that Kid can definitely take a punch he is nearly invulnerable. I definitely wanna see a black cat fight!!!

  • Antwon Cleveland
    Antwon Cleveland19 uur geleden

    there was fire nation joke that was missed in mikasas intro... :(

  • PanDan
    PanDan20 uur geleden

    Honestly very one sided

  • Vignesh M
    Vignesh M20 uur geleden

    Please provide subtitles guyz

  • Brian Nichols
    Brian Nichols20 uur geleden

    Sentry vs super man

  • Sky79
    Sky7920 uur geleden

    Soon as she pulled out the gun, it should have ended.

  • Count Shaman
    Count Shaman20 uur geleden

    RIP Ackerman plot armor

  • Saruto Uchiha
    Saruto Uchiha20 uur geleden

    Idk why they would literally put a person who could dodge bullets against a person that can dodge lightning?

  • Sean
    Sean20 uur geleden

    Omni Man versus Homelander!

  • Dragonator
    Dragonator20 uur geleden

    Po is going win I don’t want to hear otherwise

  • Caley Why
    Caley Why20 uur geleden

    Call the new one thing in a little more and more for one reason

  • King
    King20 uur geleden

    Eren should fight next

  • abu zarrin
    abu zarrin20 uur geleden

    What a one sided fight..🙅

  • Saruto Uchiha
    Saruto Uchiha20 uur geleden

    Mikasa im.saying mikasa Now thinking more umm miksa gonna lose because off the juice in the gear can run out so YEA GG NO REE THIS WAS UNFARE but again she has the Ackerman blood so Umm BUT she could defeat a smart titan herself maybe Levi would clap her though

  • Swordterranean40
    Swordterranean4020 uur geleden

    I can't believe Death Battle is now 10 years old!

  • Daniel Dunn
    Daniel Dunn21 uur geleden

    Death battle John Wick vs The Punisher 😁

    KARIM DZ21 uur geleden

    ختك مكش منه

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov22 uur geleden

    If Blake got her arm cut off, she would immediately go into shock. That's not the kind of thing characters just get up and walk off even going by the canon in RWBY.

  • Cyrus Wong / Kamen Rider Saber

    Cyrus Wong / Kamen Rider Saber

    6 uur geleden

    Wow your profile

  • auir Kahala
    auir Kahala22 uur geleden

    I really want to see kipo oak fight rex

  • AJs Videos
    AJs Videos22 uur geleden

    It’s crazy how shocked some people are with this result, titans are strong and all in their own verse but aot is one of the more down to earth anime. No magic or anything like that, y’know?

  • PG3D gaming
    PG3D gaming22 uur geleden


  • PG3D gaming

    PG3D gaming

    22 uur geleden


  • wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov

    22 uur geleden

    no anti-personnal gear?

  • AJs Videos
    AJs Videos22 uur geleden

    Maaaan, how long ago did you write these scripts 😅

  • inpact 100
    inpact 10023 uur geleden

    i've been thinking about these fights... John Wick from "John Wick" VS Agent 47 from "Hitman", Kurapika from "HunterXHunter" VS Momo yaoyorozu from "Boku No Hero Academia, Scorpion from "Mortal Kombat" vs Ghost Rider from "Marvel" Uvogin from "HunterXHunter" VS Yuhiro Hanma from "Baki" , Merlin from "Seven Deadly Sins" vs Wanda/Scarlet Witch from "Marvel", Kevin from "Ben 10" VS Gajeel "Fairy Tail" I just ask for one of those pls

  • L0U13 __
    L0U13 __23 uur geleden

    Cyborg(DC) vs Triborg(MK) Or just another Cyborg character

  • Jaquan Mcmanus
    Jaquan Mcmanus23 uur geleden

    I got an idea for a death battle GTA vs Saints row

  • Tonight M
    Tonight M23 uur geleden

    This isn't even close to a fair fight but I guess since both characters have black hair, Asian, and female is a perfect reason to have them fight. Not like one of them has magic or is centuries technology ahead one of the other characters. Death battle just proving how they forgot how to do fights correctly.

  • Tonight M

    Tonight M

    20 uur geleden

    @SirKillalot98 blake could win this fight no doubt but it's not a fair fight and for some reason deatjbattle had her win via bs. Not only that blake attacks a person trying to help her. I dunno man but blake seems like a piece of dog feces.

  • SirKillalot98


    21 uur geleden

    I mean similar weapons and fighting styles. Sullen. Come from a discriminated island race. This was also a highly requested fight for years and some RWBY haters complained thinking Blake is a jobber.

  • Johnlanzer
    Johnlanzer23 uur geleden

    I don't quite agree with the assessment and the result of this battle as the LAST ATTACK was clearly something Mikasa is capable of dodging or deflecting. Blake was on her last leg with NO AURA as well. She won't have the same reflexes and strength as when her aura is up. And it is shown in RWBY itself that those with shattered aura have their body taxed and weakened. They are turned into a base human(oid) in strength and such. Yang, who had her arm cut off, is not able to recover that fast. Blake lost her aura mid-flight, fell hard onto the pavement, her arm is cut off, and blood loss happening. She shouldn't have any strength to even deflect the Thunder Spear back to Mikasa. Let alone stand. This feels more like a cop out ending. This is a good fight but the ending looked stolen.

  • Johnlanzer


    21 uur geleden

    @SirKillalot98 So analysis meant nothing... Including the importance of Aura to Huntsmen and Huntresses as the literal thing that allows them to perform superhuman feats and power their semblances. I would understand if Blake still had aura to deflect the Thunder Spear back. Another point is that Mikasa is capable of dodging projectiles way faster than the Thunder Spear especially the last one. You're argument literally points out that Blake's victory was made *only* by the writers, not by analysis.

  • SirKillalot98


    21 uur geleden

    I mean Blake was somehow able to use her semblance immediately after Adam stabbed her leaving a wound. So maybe she really is more tenacious than Yang. or you know. The animation is not bound by RWBY canon.

  • Johnlanzer


    21 uur geleden

    @SirKillalot98 Ah. Plot Holes and Contradictions. Blake is able to deflect the Thunder Spear after her aura broke, her arm cut off, and dropped to the pavement, while Yang wasn't able to recover just as fast. The analysis must be great for Blake to win at that point at her weakest with no aura.

  • SirKillalot98


    21 uur geleden

    I mean the animation doesn't have to be accurate. It is just for fun 17:41. They have to do things to make fights seem dramatic.